Revolutionary web-based gateway allowing PHOs to control and demand-manage delivery of their funded services through Providers.

  • Control access to PHO funding for services
  • Manage available PHO / Practice service budgets, reduce overspending
  • Simplify claiming by providing Buyer Created Tax Invoices (BCTIs)
  • Give your Providers certainty of payment for their service delivery before they deliver their services
  • Capture and report upon clinical information relating to delivered services
  • Allow the Providers to prioritise their patient funding

A dynamic and interactive system to help your Providers deliver funded services to Patients, with certainty of payment.

Benefits of PRISM

To the Providers

  • A green light provides guaranteed payment, no more unexpected rejected claims
  • Funding automatically flows after providing services, no claiming is required (BCTIs)
  • Shift focus from claiming to delivering care
  • Clarity over service funding simplifies treatment decisions
  • Budget insight shows how much remains for each service. You choose how to allocate / prioritise your remaining funding
  • Simple Launch pad for all services. Colours and icons show what you can access
  • Brief clinical support forms, designed to capture relevant clinical information for the delivery of services to your patients

To the PHO

  • Control access / funding eligibility on:
    • Patient, provider eligibility, clinical prerequisites, patient enrolment, high needs, other demographic factors
    • Budget availability
  • Manage available budgets:
    • Across the whole PHO, by clinic, by provider, by patient
  • Simplify accounting and payments using Buyer Created Tax Invoices (BCTIs)
  • Capture data required for PHO programmes using clinical delivery forms
  • Aggregate reports provided from
  • clinical datasets
  • Recycle unused budgets
  • No unmanaged exposure to future claims, no time lags relating to claiming

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