Specialists in Clinical Knowledge Management

Enigma is a specialist creator of innovative web based applications, workflow solutions, data capture / management and reporting. We develop and deliver solutions primarily with a clinical focus to both public health providers and private corporates alike. Our products and toolsets allow us to deliver quality solutions capable of bringing multiple groups together with shared information and workflows. We provide systems ranging from in-depth clinical decision support and high level medical surveillance tools for health monitoring, to referral management systems, visual risk conveyance tools and more...

In recognising that our customers face a spectrum of clinical information needs ranging from highly-specific decision support to broader knowledge management and workflow solutions; Enigma has developed innovative platforms for the effective delivery of clinical information:

  • PREDICT v2 and v2.1 power our Electronic Clinical Decision Support solutions
  • PREDICT v2.5+ power our our workflow and data capture solutions
  • EQUIPE powers our Clinical Knowledge Management solutions

Our platforms are enhanced by a full range of customer- and end user-focused services and support. We create and deliver products under three vertical brands:

    Predict Medical

    Predict Health and Wellness

    Predict Workplace and Pre-employment Solutions

Enigma’s proven approach to projects includes the following:

  • Thorough understanding of Customer Requirements
  • Development of System Specifications
  • Development of a Project Plan, featuring defined deliverables, timelines and responsibilities
  • Systems Development; creation and integration of code and content
  • Quality Assurance; use cases, testing and debugging
  • Training
  • Implementation
  • Review
  • Managed Hosting
  • Ongoing Support

Enigma allocate a dedicated team to each project. Key roles include:

  • Project Leader
  • Project Manager
  • Technical Development Manager – responsible for systems development, implementation and support. Leads development team.
  • Editorial Manager (as required) – responsible for clinical content and knowledge management. Leads editorial team.


Enigma create 100% NZ made software solutions and is a proud member of the BUY NZ Made programme: 9 9129100
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