One of Enigma key strengths - and one we are justifiably proud of - is the skills and capabilities of the people who make up the team. Enigma's elite mix of individuals combines clinical, publishing and technical expertise with strong corporate depth.

All of the extensions listed below can be accessed through to our main phone system by calling +64 9 912-9100.

Executive Board And Advisory

Mike Stanbridge - Chief Executive (ext: 703)

Mike Stanbridge is a cornerstone investor and successful technological entrepreneur. Previous successes include the sale of his multi-million dollar infrared defence technology company to Cubic Corporation of San Diego, CA.

Bill Mancer - Financial Controller and Company Secretary

Bill Mancer is a chartered accountant and former senior executive in major NZ-based food companies. His focus at Enigma is on financial systems and company performance.

Advisory Board

Rod Jackson: Chief Scientific Advisor, Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Auckland, and recognised international expert on heart disease risk management.

Sales and Marketing

Michelle Tonner, Sales & Marketing (ext: 705)

Michelle joined Enigma in September 2008.

After graduating from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing and Management Studies), Michelle worked in Freight Forwarding and Customs, in the areas of customer service, sales and business development and then spent 10 years contracting to the marketing department of a major electronics retailer.

Creative and Technical

Chris Wiltshire - General Manager (ext: 707)

Chris has been with Enigma since April 2004 when he took the reins in the implementation of Enigma's innovative decision support software platform, PREDICT™.

He has filled numerous roles since he joined, Predict Implementation Manager, Senior Developer, IS Manager, CIO, then General Manager (since May 2009). Given his length of service he has a very wide ranging product knowledge. His contributions have been in both technical (architectural) areas, as well as in business development, and core operational areas. Chris still performs hands on programming work as well as support and regularly attends key meetings with clients.

His contributions have been in both technical (architectural) areas, as well as in business development, and core operational areas. Chris still performs hands on programming work as well as support and regularly attends key meetings with clients.

During his time with Enigma, Chris has presented to the MoH on topics of decision support, he has sat on a HISO Expert Advisory Group (HISO Online Form Server). He has been a member of the Northland PHO IT Governance Group since its inception in 2009.

Chris has played key roles in the development of PREDICT, ProExtra, CMDHB's CCM PREDICT implementation including the various versions of their Depression Clinical Decision Support system, Primary Care Referral Management System, Know Your Numbers and Your Heart (Age) Forecast as well as many other smaller products like our Green Prescription and Workplace - periodic medical surveillance products.

Chris joined Enigma with a broad technical skillset from his previous working experience as a System Administrator, Technical team leader and Senior Development Executive roles at Asia Pacific Telecom (NZ) Ltd, and ViSL (HK).

He has been an co-owner and Director of a New Zealand-based web design company since Nov, 2000. Additionally Chris has worked for companies including Emedia Worldwide Inc., and .CX ccTLD.

Chris' qualifications include a Certificate of Education from Southampton University - Computer Science.

Sue Breen - Operations Manager (ext: 704)

Sue joined the team at Enigma in October 2009 as the Project and Planning Manager, bringing extensive experience in business and information technology. Prior to joining Enigma, Sue held the position of Project Manager for a large New Zealand based company specialising in eHealth related solutions. Before that, Sue worked as a Senior Project Manager for a global organisation, based in the UK, where she spent six years project managing eClinical solutions, the last year of which included managing the Project Management team, before heading overseas to New Zealand.

Stuart Macferson - Developer / Team Leader

Stuart joined the Enigma IT team fulltime in June 2005 after initially providing contract services.

Since graduating from Massey University with a BSc in Computer Science, he has had 13 years commercial experience in software development for major corporations including Telecom, EDS and Slingshot.

In his role as Senior Developer / Team Leader with Enigma, Stuart primarily utilises his skills in .NET, ColdFusion and SQL Server.

Nicholas Wong - Developer

Nicholas joined Enigma in June 2006 as a valuable addition to the development team.

Trained as an Electrical Engineer by Auckland University, he's been involved in the IT industry since his time in the university. With previous roles ranging from web developer/administrator to director of a small computer hardware business, he brings with him a good mix of experience to address a wide range of IT development and support challenges.

Noel Ho - Developer

Noel joined the development team in early 2010. He is a Monash University alumnus and brings 10 years of Coldfusion and web development expertise to the team. Noel's role spans both the support team and the main development team and he has added significant value to our core development efforts.

Noel was previously attached to TRW Automotive’s global data centre in Malaysia, where he provided development support and maintenance for a variety of their internal systems. These systems facilitate collaboration between TRW Automotive’s business units throughout the globe and ranged from custom Coldfusion web portals to full-fledged collaboration tools like Sitescape Forums and Novell Vibe (formerly known as Novell Teaming).

Anitha Banda - Developer

Anitha joined the development team in September 2008.

After graduating with Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (India), she worked as IT-Associate in IEG and as Software Engineer in Capital IQ Inc, India where she was involved in SQL and various web technologies.

Hossein Otroj - Developer

Hossein joined Enigma in April 2014.

Since graduating in computer software engineering from Isfahan University of Technology (Iran), he has been involved in various projects from e-commerce and e-payment to MIS and BPMS and brings 12 years of Coldfusion and web application development expertise to the team.

Avi Khetarpal - Developer

Avi initially joined Enigma in November 2013 as part of a student internship. He officially became part of the team as a full time developer in July 2014.

Avi studied under a Bachelor of Engineering course at the University of Auckland, specialising in Software Engineering. Avi's skillset includes a rounded mix of desktop, web, and mobile development, allowing him to bring in a fresh and different perspective.

Chris Perri - Customer Support Liason (ext: 702)

Chris Perri joined Enigma in September 2010.

Chris works as the Customer Support Liaison on the help desk at Enigma. He has prior experience with customer support and trouble shooting technical problems with other Health IT related companies.

Adrian Smith - System Administrator / Network Engineer

Adrian joined the Enigma team in 2010 as System Administrator/Engineer. Adrian has over 10 years experience as an IT System/Network Engineer in both the New Zealand and overseas IT industry. Previous experience has included working with Hewlett Packard as a System Administrator/VB programmer to develop security control policies (vbs scripts) for Fonterra Network and built servers for Telecom (Gen-i).

Adrian worked with Helix Computers as a Senior IT Consultant and Web developer for Helix clients. Other experience included a role as an IT Technical Support Specialist to support and develop IT courses for KAAT Academy Ltd and to support technical services managers for Myanmar, New Zealand and Singapore universities.

Susan Eagar - Clinical Editor

Susan Eagar joined the Enigma team in 2005 and has been involved with various roles over the years including editorial, project and operational management. Susan currently works on a part-time basis for Enigma and is mainly involved in clinical editorial work and Predict CVD-Diabetes content management.

Susan has a scientific background and prior to joining Enigma was a Medical Writer and Team Leader for a Business Intelligence team at Wolters Kluwer Pharma Solutions. 9 9129100
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