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Predict is a wonderful decision support tool, it provides excellent quality clinical information to aid engagement with patients and the creation of appropriate management plans. It has the added bonus of the Heart Forecast which is great with Patient motivation and expressing CVD Risk.

We have gone from strength to strength with Diabetes volumes; Predict provides easy alerts to identify patients who are overdue for their annual review. It gives great population overviews for PHOs, showing progress within population health programmes based on the updated Age Sex Register information which Enigma load for us each quarter.

It integrates really nicely with patient management software (and patient dashboard in MT). Pre-population of data works a treat, no duplicated entry of labs etc.

You can message between providers, if a Risk Assessment is done in an outreach setting, it can be message through into the GP’s PMS and populate into directly screening areas, helping PPP measurements.

BCTIs and real time claiming insight was a change for us at first, but they have been of an excellent quality (great level of detail), they’ve saved a pile of administration with managing claims etc.  The real time approach has meant it’s much easier to manage finances and volumes and we can quickly identify performance issues for individual practices, we’re not waiting on claims, or allowing claims to become an excuse; it’s real time.

It's a solid, stable product.

Catherine Turner - Te Tai Tokerau PHO

Auckland PHO

The Predict integrated CVD Diabetes tool is an enabler for our practices to continually improve, identify gaps in treatment and review clinical performance for our enrolled population.

Barbara Stevens - Auckland PHO

Auckland District Health Board 

In December 2005 ADHB entered into a five year contract for the provision of PREDICT decision support systems. The roll-out of the software was contracted to ProCare and was completed across the period Oct 2006 to April 2007. The roll-out implementation required a close knit team environment between Enigma and ProCare staff, and was completed efficiently and with little fuss. Practices within the PHOs are now using PREDICT to execute screening programmes and to date there have been over 2500 assessments completed and subsequent management for those identified with CVD and Diabetes conditions. In addition a helpdesk function has been established and operates in normal business hours. Functions are Tier 1 support, training, monitoring of use of PREDICT by practices. A letter of reference is available.

Contact details:
Tom Schaefer
Manager, Our Health 2020
Auckland District Health Board

Northland District Health Board
Northland District Health Board implemented PREDICT throughout their region in April 2006. Enigma installed and trained staff in over 35 clinics and provided 2 training road shows with Dr Sue Wells Senior Lecturer Clinical Epidemiology School of Population Health, University of Auckland to help assist nurses and GP’s with understanding how PREDICT is aligned with the NZ Guideline for CVD and Diabetes.

Over the past 12 months Enigma has worked closely with the PHO’s to help engage the clinics with the uptake of PREDICT and in collaboration with one of the larger PHO developed a Nurse Intervention tool which is used by the out reach clinics in the rural areas. This web based tool helps the community nurses manage the patient once they return to their residence. The PHO’s have been using the tool without incentive payments; they have been using the tool without PHO CVD Programs and without the proper resources within the region.

Contact details:
Rose Lightfoot
General Manager
Te Tai Tokerau PHO
PO Box 151
Mangonui 0442

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