Birthday lists to Query Builder files (MT only).

Last updated: 14th Sept, 2012

Recently we have been respoding to a number of unrelated enquiries about focussed efforts to meet the CVD Screening Health Targets. By June 2013, practices are being asked to have screened 75% of their enrolled, funded and eligible population.

Eligibility is determined by a number of factors including Age, Gender, Ethnicity and clinical knowledge of pre-existing conditions which would pre-dispose the individual to a higher than normal CVD Risk.

Within the PREDICT CVD Diabetes, screening and management modules, we already hold pre-enrolled details on practice's patients, derived from the PHO Age Sex Registers. From these we're able to build lists of patients for each practice that are still due a CVD Risk Intervention. One such feature which has become a standard offering is our 'Birthday Lists'.

These lists show, for any nominated month, all patients who have not been risk assessed and who have a significant birthday which falls in that month. Significant birthdays are defined as being those which fall with a 5th year consideration, 40, 45, 50, 55 etc... It is commonly agreed that patients tend to be more motivated about age related health issues and health checks at these milestone years.

We provide a list of these patients, per practice, through our web interfaces. Recently we've just developed a workflow enhancement which allows the practice to directly download a Query Builder file, suitable for running in their Medtech PMS (only - for now).

Using this query builder file within Medtech will generate a matching set of patients for adding recalls, mail merge letters, alerts etc. (All using Medtech's standard Query Builder functionality). It is hoped that this assisted workflow will simplify the job of targetting these motiviated (and unscreened) patients.

This function will be released into our Production products over the coming weeks, we will start with in-clinic testing at some pre-selected sites, rolling this out to all Predict CVDDM users within the following weeks. 9 9129100
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