CVD Risk values - Clinically High

5 Year CVD Risk: 101 % (1-100)

This is a 5yr absolute CVD Risk for the named patient, however the value returned (101) is a coded value meaning ‘Clinically High’.

A numerically coded value is required in order for this to be stored and queried appropriately within the PMS.

This ‘Clinically High’, classified value, should be interpreted as a CVD Risk of at least 20% over 5 years.

This classification applies for patients who have had a previous CV event, or have other clinical history, which makes it is inappropriate to use the Framingham (Anderson) equation. A specific CVD Risk is not yet available for these groups of patients.

The message sent into the PMS contains structured information which should make the CVD Risk value available for you to save into your PMS, into the area normally used to store CVD Risk values. The aim being to help with structured recording of CVD Risk and to provide opportunities to deliver appropriate CVD Risk Management interventions to patients who may be otherwise hard to reach. It will also help your practice achieve the PHO Performance Management Programme targets for CVD.

Important details of how to configure the PMS to accept and file these messages automatically are available here:

The 'lab style' message is sent along with an accompanying message which explains in more detail how the CVD Risk was calculated, along with contact details for the group who have performed the Risk Assessment.



For more information on the 'Clinically High' group of patients, please refer to: The top row, Table 2, Pg 5 in this guideline: New Zealand Primary Care Handbook 2012 (pdf, 1.1 MB) 9 9129100
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